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These are our most frequently asked questions, please have a peek and see if any questions you have may be answered in this document. 


Q. What do I do if I'm interested in adopting a dog or cat from your rescue? 

A. Read the entire bio listed on the available animal's bio. Once you have read the bio and ensured you meet all the requirements for that animal, please fill out the adoption application. This is found at the bottom of their bio form. If you are chosen as a potential applicant you will be contacted. 

Q. How long after I apply will I hear back about the animal? 

A. Only those selected as potential applicants will be contacted. 

Q. How long does the adoption process take?

A. 7-14 days

Q. What is required of me to adopt?

A. You must meet all the required fields for the animal's specific needs, these are specified in the adoption applications. For example, if you have a cat and you're applying for a dog that is not good with cats you will not be considered for adoption, and you will not be contacted. You must be financially stable to care for a new animal and have a vet ready to take on the new animal, all your current animals in the home must be friendly, well-trained, and fully vetted and sterilized. You must be willing to attend training classes for dogs and meet all the needs of the animal you're applying for. 

Q. I want to meet an animal you've posted for adoption, how do I do that? 

A. In order to meet one of our animals, you must be an approved adopter first. Please apply for the animal via the adoption link at the bottom of their bio and if found suitable an adoption coordinator will contact you. 

Q. My friend is fostering one of your animals, I'd like to adopt it. What do I do? 

A. Please apply for the animal through the link at the bottom of their bio. 

Q. If I want to adopt and I have intact animals in my home, why am I not considered?

A. One of many rescue's core values is to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals. We will not place animals in homes with intact animals as it strays from our beliefs and values. The only exception to this is medical reasons, if you have proof from your vet as to why sterilization is not recommended, then we can discuss further. The proof is required.


Q. Who do I speak with if I have more questions about the animal you've posted? 

A. You can send a message to our Facebook page, or comment on the animal's post. 

Q. What if I see an animal I want to adopt, but I'm not ready yet?

A. Please wait to apply. Check back when you're ready if that animal is still available. 

Q. How do I know whether an animal is available or not? 

A. All available animals are located in our Facebook albums. 

Q. I was approved months ago, and now I've found an animal I want to adopt. What do I do?

A. Reapply for the animal and indicate in your adoption application you've been previously approved. All approved adopters applications have 3 months before they're inactive and all the steps have to be done again. 

Q. We want to surprise my family member with an animal, is this ok?

A. No. The person who will be owning the animal, must apply and be approved for the adoption of the animal. 

Q. Can I do a payment plan for my animal? 

A. No, the adoption fee must be paid in full. 

Q. Why do you charge for rescue animals? 

A. Every animal that comes into care receives vetting. Whether their vetting costs $350 or $3500. The adoption fee goes towards some of these bills. We charge a fair adoption fee for every animal no matter how much vetting they've received. 

Q. I'm a really good home, I don't have the funds to adopt. Would you give me an animal for free? 

A. No, our adoption fee is non-negotiable and must be paid in full. A part of being an animal owner is committing to their lifetime of medical needs which is costly. If you're unable to provide for their needs financially you will not be considered for adoption. 


Q. I want to foster, what do I do? 

A. Fill out our foster form and if a suitable applicant one of our foster coordinators will be in touch. 

Q. What kind of requirements are needed to foster? 

A. We ask our fosters to bring their foster animals to their vet appointments and provide basic training for the animals. Every animal in the home must be sterilized and up to date on their vaccines. This is non-negotiable. Our fosters provide a loving and nurturing home for our animals while treating them like "one of their own"

Q. How much does it cost to foster? 

A. The rescue provides all the supplies for fostering, although we do ask you to drive to vet appointments that is the only cost. The rescue provides basic needs (crate, food, leashes, toys) so if you'd like them to have more, that would be at your expense. 

Q. I've applied, but you didn't contact me. You must not need fosters that bad. 

A. We thank you for taking the time to apply to foster, but unfortunately, if you were not contacted then there is a reason why. We hold our fosters to high standards as we want the best for our animals. 


Q. I've bought a dog or cat, and need to get it sterilized. Can you help? 

A. Yes, We offer low-cost clinic spots to the public when we have the room. Our animals always take priority but if we have space we will help. Please reach out to us on Facebook. 

Q. Is it free? How much does it cost?

A. No it is not free. Please view the costs on the Lanark Leeds and Grenville Spay and Neuter Clinic's website. 

Q. Do I have to drive my animal myself, or will you? 

A. If we have the space, we will happily take your animal with us. We do require payment for gas. If we do not have room to bring your animal, you're required to drive your own animal. 


Q. Are you a registered Charity or Non-Profit? 

A. 13105326 Canada Association (Riverview Rescues) is a registered non-profit without charity status. 

Q. Can I get a receipt for my donation? 

A. Of course, but without Charity status your receipt holds no benefit at tax time aside from record keeping. 


Q. I have an animal I need to surrender, what do I do? 

A. Fill out our surrender form under the surrender tab and wait to be contacted. Priority goes to strays and urgent care animals at risk. We cannot guarantee the intake of all the animals we receive forms for. In order to intake an animal, we must have a suitable foster home before we can bring the animals in. 

Q. If I surrender my animal, will you put it down? 

A. No, we do not intake animals to euthanize them. Riverview Rescues only euthanizes due to medical issues or severe behavioural issues that a professional team deems the animal unsafe to rehome. 

Q. Can I surrender my animal, you do all the vetting and then adopt it back?

A. No. 

Q. If I surrender my animal, and my situation changes can I adopt it back? 

A. Once you surrender your animal to us, all the decision-making for that animal is done by our team. If you're interested in this situation you can apply for the animal via the adoption link and follow our process. 

Q. Why do you have a surrender fee? What If I don't have the money? What's the money for?

A. The surrender fee goes towards the animal's vetting and care. We are 100% privately funded on donations and adoption fees. If you don't have the money, your intake coordinator can have a discussion with you and see if your situation is deemed urgent enough to forgo the surrender fee. 

Q. I need to surrender my animal today, why aren't you answering? 

A. We are 100% volunteer-run with our own animals, families, jobs, and other commitments. We are unable to intake animals on an urgent basis, especially if the animal is safe and cared for. If you need a place for your animal urgently, please contact a local kennel for boarding. 


Q. I want to make a donation, how do I do that? 

A. Donations can be made to,, We also have Go Fund me, and Paypal links in the bio of our Facebook or under the "donation" tab. 

Q. I want to donate something other than money, what can I donate? 

A. We are always in need of slip leads, puppy and kitten formula, XL and L Wire crates, Puppy and kitten food. 


Q. How do I get ahold of you via telephone? 

A. We do not operate with phone service. Our phone number is for messages only. Please connect with us on our Facebook page or "contact us" on the website. 

Q. Why did you not return my phone call? 

A. Our phone number is strictly for urgent messages for animals in need. If you've called asking about a dog or cat, please view their adoption post on our Facebook page and send us a message. If you've asked a question we've provided answers to, your message will not be returned. 

Q. Why do you have a phone number then? 

A. We are 100% volunteer-run, and cannot man a phone line due to the high volume of requests we get on a daily basis. All of your inquiries have answers on our website, Facebook page or can be found within the animal's biographies. Our phone line is for animals in urgent and dangerous situations. 

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