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Lots of reasons factor into whether people surrender an animal or not. We provide a judgement-free surrender experience, but before you make that decision we need to know that you've exhausted your avenues. Did you know that 8/10 times a dog's behaviours come from human error? Whether it was your unintentional error or someone before you. Lots of owners are unknowingly creating behavioural issues without even realizing it until they are overwhelmed with the behaviour. Many owners place blame on the dog, when in fact the issues can be corrected with proper training and consistency. Whether you're the first owner, second or third, please contact a trainer and behaviourist and work with your animal before surrendering. We can help you, and guide you through working with and keeping your dog. Working through an unwanted behaviour is a very rewarding experience for both the handler and the dog. It's true that breed traits can affect a dog's behaviours, and it's important to understand whether you're dealing with a breed trait or a behavioural issue. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to take in all the animals that are requested. If you're interested in surrendering your animal there are a few things you can do to make them more adoptable; spay or neuter, vaccinate and see a trainer if you're experiencing unwanted behaviours. This way we'll have a good understanding of what's going on with your animal before taking them in. 

If you've requested to surrender your dog and you haven't heard back, please reach out. We can also provide tips on how to safety and effectively rehome your animal if we are unable to intake. 

If you're interested in surrendering an animal. Please fill out the form below. 

Please be patient. We have many surrender requests per day and cannot accept them all. Please provide as many details as possible and email pictures and additional information to

Please note: We do accept behavioural and bite history dogs. We can only accept these dogs on the condition we have a safe home and confident handler for them. 

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